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White PS3WWML 8 x 8 Spaced 3-Way Sidewall/Ceiling Register

White PS3WWML 8 x 8 Spaced 3-Way Sidewall/Ceiling Register

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White 3-Way Sidewall/Ceiling Register stamped Face Steel Construction with 1/2" fin spacing for high airflow. It is 3 Way of Air Flow deflection Design. The Multi-shutter damper with an easy handle to adjust the desired amount of airflow. It is Individually shrink-wrapped with a cardboard pad in the back for extra protection.

This  8 x 8 Spaced 3-Way Sidewall/Ceiling Register is smooth, Shiny, Scratch-Resistant, and Beautiful. It is easy to Unrestricted Air Flow For Your HVAC System - 50° angled to provide maximum airflow. This Grille is a series of deflectors in the shape of blades or fins fixed in a frame to allow air to pass through from duct to room space. A grille is attached with a damper or valve to control the airflow volume. This Diffuser – is a unit with duct connecting pieces and a larger face piece with multiple blades to spread out airflow in multiple directions. Examples are drop ceiling T-bar diffusers and round ceiling diffusers.


  • Three-way air pattern
  •  For both sidewall and ceiling applications
  •  Integral multi-shutter damper
  •  Features 1/2" spaced fins set at 40°
  •  Metal lever damper operator
  •  Steel construction
  •  White
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