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Black Folding Ear Muff NRR 26

Black Folding Ear Muff NRR 26

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Noise-blocking ear muffs have oval-shaped foam inside the ABS cups for a noise reduction rating of 26 dB. These earmuffs have a unique wide, dual-layer headband for customizable comfort. They are lightweight for all-day wear protecting you against construction sounds, machinery, and more.

Black Folding Ear Muff is constructed of solid ABS-shell and thickened noise-dampening foam, the ear muffs offer an NRR 28dB rating and block out noise by a great amount. Retractable stainless steel at the end of the headband and 360 rotatable ear cups with comfortable foam can be adjusted to fit all sizes from kids to adults.

Professional Noise Cancelling Ear Defenders is a compact folding design for easy storage and convenient portability; the noise-canceling headphones fold up nicely to fit in a backpack or briefcase while taking only a small space. The stylish hearing protectors are ideal for sports events, studying, woodworking projects, and lawn care, extremely suitable for operating heavy machinery or landscaping business


  • NRR rating of 26 dB
  • Padded headband and ear cups for extended comfort
  • Stainless steel telescopic adjustment for a personalized fit
  • Double-shell design to offer high noise reduction
  • Spacious earmuffs for breathability
  • 1-size fits most
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